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We Have Added Three New Memberships!


We're excited to announce the addition of three new membership options at Markham Tennis Club, catering to diverse schedules and preferences.


Introducing our Weekday Membership, offering unlimited access from 7 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday. Dive into dynamic clinics and exclusive private lessons during this prime time block while still retaining the opportunity to engage in Intercounty matches and special events.


For those seeking a more program-focused experience, our Program Exclusive Membership provides access exclusively to program and clinic sessions, enhancing your skillset within a supportive environment.


Additionally, for those visiting or looking for short-term access, our 7-Day Out of Town Membership grants full court privileges, program registrations, and private lessons over a consecutive seven-day period.


Embrace the flexibility and tailored experiences these new memberships bring to your tennis journey with us.

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